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Barnabas Ministries is a ministry organization dedicated to advancing God’s kingdom through evangelism, missionary assistance, and helping believers fulfill their calling in Christ. It was launched in January of 2002 by the Rev. Rick Hutchison to serve as an umbrella organization for the evangelistic and missionary ministries to which he felt called. He serves as President and Executive Director of the ministry.

The organization is named in honor of the believer who brought Saul of Tarsus from virtual obscurity to prominent ministry, helping him become Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. Barnabas’ name means literally ‘son of consolation.’ He was a great Encourager who saw others’ potential, was a mentor and helper to many, and devoted himself to helping others succeed for Christ.

Like Barnabas of old, we seek to serve Christ by serving others and helping many to achieve their full potential in Christ.

What We Do

Barnabas Ministries is involved in sharing the love of God in several ways:

  • Evangelism: We are involved in direct evangelistic preaching and one-on-one sharing of the Gospel, with the goal of leading people to Christ.   Read more ...
  • Teaching and Training: Helping believers to become well established in their faith is a passion of ours, and helping local pastors and ministry leaders to be well trained and to pass that training on to others is a priority.  Read more ...
  • Encouragement: Encouraging those in the ministry and local believers is another major focus of our ministry.   Read more ...
  • Partnerships: We have developed dynamic partnerships with local ministries several world areas, helping them to develop their capacity to minister in and to their own cultures.  Read more ...

Why We Go

There is one key concept that guides every decision that we make as a ministry:  the Great Commission.  This serves as the blueprint for our strategies.

Our primary goal is to make disciples.  That begins with evangelism because people must hear!  Those who have heard and believed must be taught and grounded in their faith so that the fruit endures.

While decisions for Christ are important, they are the beginning of the process, not the end goal.  Our passion is to see the establishment of firm, committed, trained, and growing disciples of Christ.

Where We Have Ministered

Barnabas Ministries goes wherever God provides an open door and the means to enter. Since 2002 we have ministered:

  • Throughout the United States in church revivals, campus ministries, camp meetings, and conferences;
  • In Asia, including India, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Cambodia, and other Limited Access areas through evangelistic meetings, Pastors conferences, encouragement visits, and leadership development training;
  • In Ukraine through a strong partnership with Wesley Bible College in Ukraine, Barnabas has actively ministered throughout the country to, for, and with WBC students and alumni, as well as other evangelical churches and ministries;
  • In Kenya we have shared the message of full salvation and victorious Christian living in a variety of church, school, and conference settings.

Barnabas Ministries

21070 Meadow Road West
Lenoir City, TN 37772


Telephone: 865 995 2305
Mobile Phone Number: 865 300 4460


Barnabas Ministries is incorporated in the state of Tennessee as a non-profit religious organization, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity. All gifts and contributions are fully tax deductible.

Missions Services

Rev. Rick Hutchison is available for missions services throughout the year. He has fresh news and exciting PowerPoint pictures of ministries and people in India, Ukraine, and other countries where Barnabas Ministries is active.

Contact him for scheduling.