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The New Testament name "Barnabas" meant "son of encouragement." We believe the ministry of encouragement is of vital importance in everything we do.

A primary purpose of our overseas visits with pastors, leaders, missionaries, and others in ministry is to edify, affirm, and strengthen them in their ministries. Everyone needs a word of encouragement from time to time. And sometimes it is crucial.

Again and again we have sensed that God has brought us to a particular place at a time when His servants were facing unusual challenges and struggles. Often a pastor or missionary will open up and pour out their heart. It helps a lot just to talk out a problem with someone who knows what life in the ministry is like. We find it is a great ministry just being a good listener!

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And though we may not have definite answers to particular problems, we can share again the promises of God! As fellow ministers with years of experience, we can often share a personal story and testimony of how God brought us through some similar experience.

We can truly affirm that God is ever faithful. Our Lord knows the way. All we have to do is follow. And it helps to have someone follow alongside for a ways!

The goal of encouragement is a fundamental element of all we do through Barnabas Ministries.

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Missions Services

Rev. Rick Hutchison is available for missions services throughout the year. He has fresh news and exciting PowerPoint pictures of ministries and people in India, Ukraine, and other countries where Barnabas Ministries is active.

Contact him for scheduling.