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pastors conference banner 1Barnabas Ministries has sponsored and/or presented in 28 Pastors Conferences and training events in Ukraine, India, Afica, and SE Asia since 2003. The purpose of each event is:

  1. To encourage and inspire pastors and church leaders;
  2. To add to their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and sound doctrine;
  3. Enhance their ministerial skills so they can better serve their people. 

teaching 1We address these goals by putting together teams of experienced pastors, churchmen, educators, and lay-leaders who can effectively communicate and share out of their personal experiences in ministry.

It is exciting and gratifying to see how these God-called men from differing cultures bond and relate to each other through these times of preaching, teaching, and fellowship, sharing their mutual experiences in serving Christ.

teaching 2Truly, the greatest measure of success is not just what happens when we are there in these events. It is what happens when we leave!  Seeing our investment of time, money, and effort multiplied through the efforts of others and passed on to still others is an exciting thing!

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Barnabas Ministries

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Telephone: 865 995 2305
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Barnabas Ministries is incorporated in the state of Tennessee as a non-profit religious organization, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity. All gifts and contributions are fully tax deductible.

Missions Services

Rev. Rick Hutchison is available for missions services throughout the year. He has fresh news and exciting PowerPoint pictures of ministries and people in India, Ukraine, and other countries where Barnabas Ministries is active.

Contact him for scheduling.