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Ukrainian Ministry Reaches Blind In Evangelistic Outreach

ukraine1July was hot and dry in southern Ukraine as it was in much of the USA. But God opened the windows of heaven to pour out His rich blessings on Barnabas Ministries' efforts to win souls and build up believers in the former Soviet Union!

Rick Hutchison was invited to speak in a Christian camp held at an old Soviet-style camping facility on the coast near Melitopol. It was hosted by the Ministry to the Blind in Ukraine, led by the Rev. Igor Melnichuk. Igor is founder and director of this Kiev-based ministry dedicated to evangelism and discipleship work among a very needy and neglected part of Ukraine's population. The summer camp near the Black Sea is one of their main evangelistic outreaches each year.

ukraine2Accompanying Rick on this mission was a good friend and colleague, Rev. John Hathaway. John's presence was invaluable as he prayed, shared devotional times, and assisted in counseling with campers. His ready smile and warm manner helped him overcome the language barrier and make lots of friends!

The first part of the week was focused on ministry to the staff and camp workers of the Ministry to the Blind. Rick was asked to focus on topics relating to Christian Holiness for these sessions. Then busses began to arrive on Wednesday bringing the campers from various parts of Ukraine – Donyetsk, Zaporozhe, Kiev, L'viv, and other cities.

A very full schedule was planned beginning with early prayer meetings on the beach before breakfast. Then there were classes, singing and worship, recreation, and an evening evangelistic service. Team leaders worked tirelessly to help the disabled campers get to every activity and mealtimes.

Their patience and dedication was inspiring! And their one-on-one witness and counsel helped reap a harvest of new believers in Christ! Many blind guests gave testimony to new faith in Jesus Christ as a result of being in this camp. Slava Boguy!! (Praise the Lord)

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