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American Kids Rally Donors For Orphans in India

kids1Summertime children's ministries are a great way to win and teach the young for Christ. VBS, Camps, or Backyard Good News clubs can draw a surprising number of kids and yield amazing evangelism results! These are also good times to teach Missions involvement and to sow seeds for a call to lifetime Christian service!

Raising a Missionary Offering is a favorite way to bring Missions to the forefront and spark some lively fun. The old "Boys vs. Girls" contest is a time proven success method for motivating school-agers to bring in the cash!


Numerous VBS's and camp meetings have adopted Barnabas Ministries as their missionary project. Our Indian Orphan Home and child evangelism books for Vietnam have piqued a lot of interest from other children. Countless pennies, nickels, and dimes (plus a few checks with lots of zeroes) have been gathered by willing workers in sneakers. Every year their efforts have helped us show the love of Christ to needy children in other countries.

kids3This summer, however, was a record breaker! More than $2200 was raised this summer through the energetic work of children from several states and various churches. These funds will help us minister to orphans in India and advance child evangelism ministries.

THANK YOU CHILDREN, PARENTS, AND LEADERS!! Once again you have proven, "Little is much when God is in it!"

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Missions Services

Rev. Rick Hutchison is available for missions services throughout the year. He has fresh news and exciting PowerPoint pictures of ministries and people in India, Ukraine, and other countries where Barnabas Ministries is active.

Contact him for scheduling.