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People really do respond to the Gospel Great Attendance, Many Seekers Highlight March Open Air Services in S. India

This year marked marked our 9th visit to India to come alongside of Pastor Samuel and his Liberty Gospel Ministries team for evangelistic outreach in towns and villages in several districts. It seemed that God's presence and power was manifest from the the very first meeting this year and continued throughout all 10 days of services. Fourteen services in a dozen different places made for a challenging schedule, but in every place it was apparent God was already there at work.

Great response at Edurumoodi.3c1925Attendance at all of the open air meetings was excellent in these communities dominated by Hindu, Muslim, and Communist beliefs. Crowds ranged from 75 to nearly 300 or more. Many gathered into the open, lighted area in front of the speakers, sitting on whatever plastic chairs could be had. Most attendees sat cross-legged on the ground where tarps, rugs, and even rice sacks were spread. In every place I could look beyond the circle of light and see many others standing in the semi-darkness down streets or paths or in dooryards.

See there are more back in the darknessf726aea675ceBest of all was the way many responded to the Gospel invitation. So many lifted hands one night that I questioned Johnson (my interpreter), "What kind of invitation did you give at the close?" He replied, "I told them if they want to repent and receive Jesus Christ for the first time only tonight, they can raise hands and pray with me." There must have been at least 25-30 calling on God that night! Hardly a service was there less than 10 or more.

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