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Orphan girls17d72fAs always when he goes to India, Rick stopped by to see the Orphan children we help throughout the year. They always greet visitors with lots of smiles and a short 'program' of their songs. All of them study English in school and can tell their name, age, and class.

Rick says, "I also look forward to preaching at the church where these children attend. It is small and they pack the room wall-to-wall on Sunday. It is always a joy to preach there because the worship is lively to say the least (their singing actually hurt my ears but I didn't mind!) and there is a good Spirit in that place."

Pastors respond to the Call to Holiness 3105e81"Holiness: God's Call and Promise" Theme Well Received

Over 135 pastors and church leaders registered at our conference held March 4th in a place called Nuziveedu. The pastor and people of Mt. Sinai Central Church were very gracious hosts for the event. Pastors from a wide area of northern Andhra Pradesh filled the upper story sanctuary for the all-day event.

After planning for about 100 attendees, the cooks had to scurry to feed the 135+ who were present by lunchtime. The Indian people know how to feed as well as any church "pot luck" cooks in the world, and they ended up with more than enough curry, chicken, rice, and other favorites.

People really do respond to the Gospel Great Attendance, Many Seekers Highlight March Open Air Services in S. India

This year marked marked our 9th visit to India to come alongside of Pastor Samuel and his Liberty Gospel Ministries team for evangelistic outreach in towns and villages in several districts. It seemed that God's presence and power was manifest from the the very first meeting this year and continued throughout all 10 days of services. Fourteen services in a dozen different places made for a challenging schedule, but in every place it was apparent God was already there at work.

American Kids Rally Donors For Orphans in India

kids1Summertime children's ministries are a great way to win and teach the young for Christ. VBS, Camps, or Backyard Good News clubs can draw a surprising number of kids and yield amazing evangelism results! These are also good times to teach Missions involvement and to sow seeds for a call to lifetime Christian service!

Raising a Missionary Offering is a favorite way to bring Missions to the forefront and spark some lively fun. The old "Boys vs. Girls" contest is a time proven success method for motivating school-agers to bring in the cash!

Ukrainian Ministry Reaches Blind In Evangelistic Outreach

ukraine1July was hot and dry in southern Ukraine as it was in much of the USA. But God opened the windows of heaven to pour out His rich blessings on Barnabas Ministries' efforts to win souls and build up believers in the former Soviet Union!

Rick Hutchison was invited to speak in a Christian camp held at an old Soviet-style camping facility on the coast near Melitopol. It was hosted by the Ministry to the Blind in Ukraine, led by the Rev. Igor Melnichuk. Igor is founder and director of this Kiev-based ministry dedicated to evangelism and discipleship work among a very needy and neglected part of Ukraine's population. The summer camp near the Black Sea is one of their main evangelistic outreaches each year.

Liberty Gospel Ministries is a fellowship of 50 or more local churches in southeastern India with a vision to evangelize villages where there is little or no Christian witness, like the thousands of Hindu communities in the area. 

For some time prior to 2004, Liberty Gospel’s leader, Pastor Samuel, had been in touch with Melvin Adams about working together to preach in these villages and to train pastors. The Tsunami disaster of 2004 burst a door of opportunity wide open!

Participants at the recent Indian Pastor's Conference

In March I traveled with Rev. Melvin Adams and Rev. Rick Hutchison to hold a conference for pastors and Christian workers in Bapatla, India. Over 100 people attended the conference, some of them traveling from villages hundreds of miles away. We hosted a young group: 85% of the pastors are not yet 33 years old!

Original orphan house in 2005Barnabas Ministries has had an expanding role in the orphan ministry run by Pastor Samuel in S. India. In 2003, Pastor Samuel purchased a 2-room house to provide a home for destitute children. With incremental improvements to the house the ministry grew to serve 15 children living in 3 rooms. In America, this would constitute dangerous overcrowding, but in India, it's a great improvement over life on the street where children scavenge for food in garbage heaps.

In March of 2009 Pastor Samuel shared his concern that 13- and 14-year old girls were forced to sleep in the same room with younger boys and girls. Because these girls were coming "of age," the need for separation was becoming critical. Plans have been drawn to build a new orphanage to house 50 children. But that project will take time to fund and build. The children needed space NOW!

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